According to the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB), Atlanta hosted over 740 major conventions and events in 2017, attracting well over 50 million visitors. These guests brought an additional $15 billion into Atlanta’s local economy. Hotel taxes to the City of Atlanta represented $74 million.

To say Atlanta’s hotels benefit massively from the city’s tourism industry would be a huge understatement. However, if there was one disadvantage of hosting so many travelers, it’s that high guest volume can magnify seemingly minor issues – such as poor parking selection.

Don’t believe it? Just check the local review sites, the hotel section is littered with properties whose parking options earned them low reviews. Not so for National Parking. We have more 5-star Yelp reviews than any other Atlanta-based parking operator.

That said, it’s crucial for hotel executives and owners in Atlanta to not overlook their guests’ parking needs. Poor parking experiences have a way of souring an entire stay and can result in low guest loyalty. National Parking understands the current landscape and has proudly helped hoteliers with traffic control and parking solutions for over 40 years.

Types of Hotel Parking Management Services Offered

National Parking offers a full suite of services to the city’s top hotels. Let us take on the responsibility of managing and maintaining your parking spaces to achieve the safe, effective, and comfortable parking your guests deserve.

Additionally, we offer front door services which include skilled employees greeting and directing visitors to your front desk. We can also help you plan ahead of large conventions to manage your parking availability better.

No matter the situation, we’re here to provide the most efficient, secure, and convenient solution for your customers. Whether this means operating shuttle services, valet parking, metered parking, or traffic control–National Parking is ready to take on any parking situation.

Custom Parking Solutions

National Parking can cater programs based upon your national flag to meet demand so that you continue to meet your customers’ budget, quality scores, etc. Over the years, we’ve also become quite adept at creating custom parking programs to match your hotel’s unique offerings. Likewise, we can cater plans to suit the needs of your entire flag. We can incorporate customer budget and guest satisfaction scoring into our custom solutions.

As your the first and last point of contact for your guests, service is our number one priority. Doing so helps us collect parking revenue on your behalf while providing an exceptional service experience. Speaking of revenue, National Parking offers a modest base rate plus a revenue-sharing arrangement.

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