In 2017, Georgia surpassed California in feature film production. Likewise, a recent study compiled from IMDB data found that Georgia’s movie production boom has catapulted Atlanta to the world’s tenth most popular city to shoot TV or films.

Yet, even with so many skilled production and entertainment professionals, managing logistics and parking for film crews in a city as busy as Atlanta can be a significant challenge. Because in addition to handling scripting, rehearsals, filming, etc. you’ve also got to concern yourself with food for the crew, security, traffic control, and more. Of course, what’s nice is these are all responsibilities National Parking can handle on your behalf.

How Our Film Production and Lot Rental Services Work

As a production crew, you need a seamless experience that offers space to film uninhibited from outside distractions. That’s where National Parking comes in – we help you get a city permit to close road access, block out space, and close our lots to the general public before leasing the machine operated lot to you for filming day.

You can rent the space on a long or short-term basis. We provide security and can even order lunch for your production group. It all depends on which option best suits your goals.

Our parking area capacities vary from 30 to 300 spaces which are ideal for crew parking, base camps, and all your movie production equipment. Additionally, we can offer traffic directors and event security, should you need either.

Why National Parking Is the Name to Know in Atlanta for Movie Production Lot Rentals

We have built a strong reputation among film production and event-based organizations for delivering a professional and customized parking service. Our staff can develop a convenient and straightforward space and parking alternative to suit any specific need for movie production. Our attendants are carefully trained in the areas of safety, neat appearance, and grooming.

Furthermore, our attendants are trained to eagerly assist and respect each customer they encounter during the course of work.

Contact National Parking for All Your Film Production and Lot Rental Needs

With over 20 years of serving the public, we are proud to offer the highest possible level of parking management services for movie and TV production. As such, we are fully bonded and insured for your safety. Likewise, our service provides your production team a hassle-free environment.

For questions on how we can help your film crew contact National Parking today.