Despite the changes that have hit brick and mortar retailers across the nation, Atlanta’s malls and retail centers continue to thrive. Their success is due in large part to Atlanta’s status as a shopping hub for neighboring residents in Alabama, Tennessee, and the Carolinas

Of course, there have also been studies that highlight “ease of parking” as a major factor that shoppers consider when weighing one shopping center versus another. So, only malls and retail centers that make it easy to get in and out will be rewarded by Atlanta’s healthy shopper demand. However, malls that make customers drive around several times just to park their vehicles due to over-crowded garages or lots stand to lose out.

As a mall developer or property owner, you’ve already done the heavy lifting of designing and building the property, attracting and keeping tenants, property maintenance, tenant support, etc. So, don’t lose out to your competitors over something as minor as parking!

Fortunately, you have a partner you can count on in National Parking. If you are an Atlanta mall or retail center owner, we will improve your property’s parking experience so your customers can focus on shopping while we handle your parking.

Lots of Parking Services for Shopping Mall and Retail Centers

National Parking offers a wide array of valet and parking options for shopping malls, mixed-use and retail centers in the Atlanta area. Each program was designed with one goal in mind – to improve customer satisfaction. Whether its offsite parking or valet services, we’re sure to enhance your parking capacity.

Furthermore, we designed all our services to build upon what you already have in place. After all, we’re looking to promote a sense of partnership. Our parking services include:

  • Permit parking
  • Custom solutions
  • Concierge services
  • Park-and-ride shuttle
  • Curbside valet parking
  • Parking garage management
  • Lot monitoring and enforcement
  • Traffic control and logistical planning

Mall developers and property managers consistently tell us they like our responsiveness, along with our ability to tailor solutions to suit their specific needs.

Benefits to Partnering with National Parking

Here are a few benefits malls, mixed-use facilities, and retail centers get when they work with National Parking.

  • Lasting Impressions – They leave their customers with positive first and last impressions.
  • Safe Parking Environment – Their customers get peace of mind knowing they can shop while their vehicle’s safety is under the supervision of our watchful team.
  • Upscale Experience – Valet parking creates an upscale atmosphere that attracts affluent shoppers who are ready to spend with you.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of working with National Parking is that in us, you have a partner whose sole aim is to improve your bottom line while wowing your customers. It’s the perfect example of a win-win.

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You can trust the parking facilities professionals at National Parking to optimize your lot while improving your revenue management. So if you’re looking to change how your shopping facility’s garage or lot operates, don’t wait – contact us today.