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Welcome to National Parking of Atlanta

In the vibrant heart of Atlanta, where skyscrapers meet historic streets and culture fuses with commerce, there lies an essential urban necessity: efficient parking. National Parking is not just a provider of parking management; we are a solution. In today’s world, our goal is to ensure that parking never becomes a hurdle in your journey. By bridging technology with hands-on expertise, we’re not just providing a space for your vehicle; we’re offering peace of mind and a promise of seamless start and end to your day.

Our team of parking experts utilizes the latest technology solutions to enhance the parking experience for everyone involved. With advanced software, we can efficiently manage parking assets and provide real-time data to our client. Our comprehensive Atlanta parking management services include handing valet parking permits, parking enforcement, parking lot maintenance, and even more parking services for your business.

What We Do at National Parking

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Rooted in the very center of Atlanta’s urban design, National Parking began its journey by identifying the latent needs of this ever-evolving city. Over the decades, our reputation has propelled us to the peak of parking management companies, with our influence extending to major hubs like Los Angeles and other growing cities in the United States. Still, Atlanta remains our home base, our mainstay.

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Beyond providing parking facilities, National Parking stands out as an entity dedicated to improving customer experience. We pride ourselves on the ethos of DRIVE – Dependability, Respect, Integrity, Vigilance, and Empathy. These values resonate in our business, reflecting on our superior solutions for property managers, business owners, and individuals in search of a worry-free parking experience.

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Benefits of Professional Parking Management

In today's fast-paced world, providing an easy parking experience is more important than ever. Quality parking management goes beyonds simply providing parking spaces; it enhances the overall customer experience, increases parking revenue, and ensures the smooth operation of parking facilities.

For business owners and property managers, effective parking management is crucial for maintaining customer satisfactoin and loyalty. A well-organized parking facility not only makes a positive first impression, but also contributes to the overall guest experience. With our tailored parking management services, you can expect superior customer service, efficient traffic flow, and seamless parking operations. We understand the importances of creating an exceptional first and last impression for your guests and customers.

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Atlanta Parking Management

Our full-service parking management in Atlanta is meticulously crafted with a variety of parking services.

  • Curb Management

    The city of Atlanta is alive, pulsating with traffic and echoing with the rhythms of urban life. Our curated on-street parking and off-street parking solutions ensure that this rhythm is never disrupted. Through strategic placements and efficient management, we guarantee fluidity in urban movement.

  • Shuttles and Transportation

    From the iconic skyline of downtown to the serene suburbs, our transportation services connect the expanse of Atlanta, facilitating movement and bridging distances, ensuring that a city's transportation system remains robust and resilient.

  • Valet Parking

    Our valet services are more than just a luxury–they are a statement. Each valet is trained not just in parking but in delivering an unparalleled customer experience. With an emphasis on promptness and professionalism, we turn parking operations into a seamless experience.

  • Traffic Control

    Driving through the city of Atlanta can be daunting. Through data-driven strategies and the latest technology solutions, we ensure that traffic congestion is minimized, streamlining movement and ensuring timely arrivals. By implementing our best practices, we can create an enjoyable journey for all travelers.

  • Enforcement

    Our enforcement is both fair and firm. We are dedicated to maximizing the safety and security of our client's parking assets, and we create an enforcement plan to ensure that your parking lots and garages are constantly monitored.

  • Maintenance

    From modern parking meters to sprawling parking garages, our maintenance system promises durability and reliability, ensuring that every parking asset functions efficiently.

  • Consulting

    With years of serving as a leader in the parking industry, we offer insights and tailored strategies to entities across the spectrum, helping businesses, healthcare facilities, and office buildings optimize the parking assets.

  • Front Door & Bell Service

    In enhancing the parking experience, our bell service guarantees comfort from the very outset. Every getting and every gesture is aimed at instilling confidence and comfort in our patrons. By creating an excellent guest experience at the forefront of interaction, we place ourselves as the top parking management company in Atlanta.

Explore National Parking in Atlanta

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National Parking is not just a name–it’s a commitment. A commitment to ensuring that in a world on the move, parking is never an impediment. Our technological innovations, combined with a dedication to customer service, have positioned us as the gold standard in the realm of parking management.

Atlanta’s soul is its people, its businesses, its landmarks, and its stories. As the city grows, so does its need for organized, efficient parking solutions. From large-scale public parking arenas to exclusive valet services for special events, from commercial lots to quaint neighborhoods, National Parking stands as Atlanta’s trusted partner.

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Our promise is simple yet profund: to deliver excellence in every aspect of parking needs. As the city of Atlanta evolves, we’re here at the forefront, ensuring every journey begins and ends seamlessly.

With a legacy built on trust, efficiency, and unmatched customer experience, National Parking invites you to be a part of our journey. Together, let’s make every arrival and departure in Atlanta an experience to remember. Contact us today and experience the unmatched parking solutions that we have for you.

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What Drives Us?

Our service standard is what drives us to be the best in the business and why we continue to do things differently than our competitors.

The parking team was excellent for our hotel arrival and departure. They clearly explained the app, helped with bags, and my car was waiting for me five minutes after I texted to retrieve it.

Amanda B.

They were so polite, my car was given to me the way I gave it to them. In the morning, they pulled my car up with a smile on their face – which made my stay even better!

Araina L.

I used National Parking at a recent hotel stay right by SunTrust Park. From the minute I pulled up, the valet were nothing but professional and courteous. I parked and retrieved my car at least a dozen times and it was the same great service.

Jason S.

National Parking’s staff always showed up on time, prepared and never provided anything less than stellar services. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for professional parking services.

Lydia C.

Everyone should use this service – it saves us time when we have an appointment at the medical clinic. The attendant was extremely nice and helpful.

Richard L.

Quick and convenient valet service. Instead of having to keep up with your valet ticket, they will send you a texts when your car is ready. Great experience!

Tiara B.