Residential Parking Solutions

Expertise from a Professional Parking Manager

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At National Parking, our comprehensive residential parking services are customized to provide safe, clean, and convenient parking facility management for your residents and guests. We understand the unique challenges that come with managing parking in apartment complexes and housing areas, where there is often limited parking space.

The apartment and high-density housing market is white hot, and with that comes increased parking and traffic control concerns for the city’s property managers and housing unit owners. In busy cities, the demand for efficient parking solutions has never been greater.

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That’s why smart property managers, multifamily developers, and resident boards turn to National Parking. We design and implement parking operations that meet and exceed the expectations of residents and guests, ensuring a smooth experience when navigating through parking lots and garages.

Our team brings years of experience enhancing property value and resident satisfaction through innovative parking solutions. Whether it’s implementing residential parking permits, managing visitor parking, or adhering to local parking rules and regulations, National Parking provides top-quality service to any client.

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Your Partner in Providing Parking  Solutions

National Parking ensures that every parking space, from the apartment parking garage to the surface lot, is utilized efficiently. We navigate complex parking requirements and restrictions to optimize on-street and off-street parking, enhancing accessibility for all visitors. We also implement advanced technology systems that streamline parking processes and improve overall satisfaction. Our goal is to maintain order and security while maximizing the potential of your property's parking resources.

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It's the National Effect

An Experienced Parking Facilities Management Partner

We have over 40 years of proven experience designing and implementing value-enhancing parking solutions for residential apartment buildings and multi-unit complexes. With our focus on creating a positive experience, we ensure that our parking structures are efficient and enhance the daily lives of residents.

Our expertise extends beyond just providing parking spots at residential units. We offer parking management services to a variety of other industries, including:

This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the operation is covered, making us a full-service partner for residential parking solutions.

What We Offer at National Parking

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At National Parking, we address every part of your facility’s parking logistics. Whether it’s monitoring a tenant’s vehicle registration or monthly parking permits, you’ll always have a dedicated point of contact to help guide your facility’s parking logistics plan. We’ll address all possible parking options that can improve the experience for building residents and their guests.

We also leverage modern technology, such as real-time monitoring and license plate recognition, to monitor and control ingress and egress. This integration of technology supports a strong infrastructure for managing parking regulations, vehicle-specific permits, and parking time limits, ensuring a smooth operation that adheres to local parking mandates. These capabilities allow our team to deliver a service that meets the needs of today’s complexes and anticipates the demands of the future.

Customized Residential Parking Accommodations

Customization is key to our approach to managing apartment complex parking. We tailor our solutions to meet the needs of each residential complex, ensuring flexibility in every aspect of our service. Our goal is to manage and enhance parking facilities, providing property owners and residents with reliable, secure, and well-maintained parking structures.

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Our Full-Service Management Includes:

  • Parking Management Services
  • Traffic Control
  • Parking Security
  • Parking Technology Systems Managemenet
  • Surface Lot and Garage Management
  • Parking Consulting and Site Evaluation
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Learn more about how our personalized approach makes it possible for us to improve resident satisfaction and boost the revenue potential of properties.

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What Drives Us?

Our service standard is what drives us to be the best in the business and why we continue to do things differently than our competitors.

The parking team was excellent for our hotel arrival and departure. They clearly explained the app, helped with bags, and my car was waiting for me five minutes after I texted to retrieve it.

Amanda B.

They were so polite, my car was given to me the way I gave it to them. In the morning, they pulled my car up with a smile on their face – which made my stay even better!

Araina L.

I used National Parking at a recent hotel stay right by SunTrust Park. From the minute I pulled up, the valet were nothing but professional and courteous. I parked and retrieved my car at least a dozen times and it was the same great service.

Jason S.

National Parking’s staff always showed up on time, prepared and never provided anything less than stellar services. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for professional parking services.

Lydia C.

Everyone should use this service – it saves us time when we have an appointment at the medical clinic. The attendant was extremely nice and helpful.

Richard L.

Quick and convenient valet service. Instead of having to keep up with your valet ticket, they will send you a texts when your car is ready. Great experience!

Tiara B.