Valet Parking Service: 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Valet Parking Company

Valet parking services instantly add a sense of sophistication and class. You can maintain an organized parking system while enhancing your guests experience with professional valets. Check these crucial elements to make sure you’re choosing the right valet parking service for your needs.

5 Things to Look for in Your Valet Service


Always look for valet parking companies with a long history in the business. If they have experience managing parking operations similar to your location, that’s a must. During the proposal process, valet companies should always offer a free site visit to ensure they are fully aware of all potential variables.

The vendor can easily demonstrate their experience with valet parking services during this visit. They should clearly explain how they plan to manage traffic, parking, and overall organization of your event or long term parking operation.

Price Range

You should expect a detailed proposal or quote for your requested valet parking services. Ensure all details are included in writing and make sure this includes a staffing model and exact parking times. For events, don’t forget to schedule your valet staff a minimum 30 min prior to the event start time. There shouldn’t be any mysterious, unexplained fees tacked on to your final price. Everything should be transparent, itemized, and discussed in advance.

While you don’t want to overpay for these services, be wary of companies with extremely low rates. You’ll find that the cheapest valet companies are the cheapest for a reason. A poorly managed and unskilled staff can spell disaster for you. At the end of the day, cheaper is never better when it comes to valet.


Recommendations and referrals are some of the best resources for choosing a valet parking company. Ask for references with contact information to be included in the proposal you receive. Feel free to ask for a detailed client list to ensure the company you are evaluating has experience that suits your needs.

Check the valet parking company’s third party online reviews. Online reviews are a telltale sign of what kind of experience you are going to have with that company. We’ve managed to maintain a great online reputation in the Atlanta area (see our Yelp and BBB reviews). While it’s inevitable for a few negative reviews to pop up, you should avoid companies with a clear pattern of unprofessional behavior.


Accidents and other instances of liability are a major hazard when you’re dealing with valet parking services. Make sure your valet parking company is fully insured. In addition, confirm that they have GKLL coverage on their policy. The best companies also carry an umbrella policy that offers at least $1 million in liability coverage.


Find out what technology your valet company employs to manage their parking operations. Many companies have moved beyond the paper ticket approach, using sleek streamlined apps instead. Smart technology solutions can help eliminate issues with lost tickets and human error.

Well-implemented valet technology also can reduce wait times and create a generally better user experience for your guests. At National Parking, for example, we use SMS ticketless valet technology to ensure a virtually seamless valet parking experience.

Atlanta’s Leading Valet Parking Services Provider

Take your time researching potential service providers to make sure your valet parking service provides the quality and convenience you need for your valet parking need. At National Parking, we pride ourselves in being Atlanta’s premier valet parking service provider.

That means we have the experience, reputation, and technology to ensure the highest-quality valet parking experience for your needs. We also are fully insured, and we’ll work with you to create a custom proposal for your valet parking needs. Is your business located in the Atlanta metro area and is in need of parking services? Contact us to request a proposal, and we’ll get started on outlining your valet parking plan today.

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The parking team was excellent for our hotel arrival and departure. They clearly explained the app, helped with bags, and my car was waiting for me five minutes after I texted to retrieve it.

Amanda B.

They were so polite, my car was given to me the way I gave it to them. In the morning, they pulled my car up with a smile on their face – which made my stay even better!

Araina L.

I used National Parking at a recent hotel stay right by SunTrust Park. From the minute I pulled up, the valet were nothing but professional and courteous. I parked and retrieved my car at least a dozen times and it was the same great service.

Jason S.

National Parking’s staff always showed up on time, prepared and never provided anything less than stellar services. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for professional parking services.

Lydia C.

Everyone should use this service – it saves us time when we have an appointment at the medical clinic. The attendant was extremely nice and helpful.

Richard L.

Quick and convenient valet service. Instead of having to keep up with your valet ticket, they will send you a texts when your car is ready. Great experience!

Tiara B.