Creating a Commute Alternative Program for Your Property

Providing alternative transportation solutions at your property is not only environmentally responsible, but it can also increase your bottom line. And adding options to the daily commute is a great way to reduce stress and limit expenses for residents, tenants and staff commuting to and around your property. In addition, visitors to your property will experience more available parking and increased traffic flow.

Along with green tax incentive programs, these advantages really make this an easy decision. Developing these programs can range from providing a shuttle to improve access to the local transportation system to initiating a program that allows pre-tax payroll deductions for employees who use alternative transportation options. Studies have shown that commute alternative programs can boost loyalty and create a happier workforce. Here are some things to consider when creating a commute alternative program.

Evaluating Your Commuter Needs

Take some time to research commuting needs to your property. Operating a mixed-use facility? Your residents, tenants, and retail guests may need better transportation options for enhanced commuting to and around your property. This goes double if you’re running a retirement community or nursing home.

Or if you’re an employer, your main concern will be getting employees to work. For this, you need to know how they’re currently getting to the office and what alternatives are available.

Assessing Public Transportation Options

You could have public transportation available near your building, but the lines might not run right to your door. In this case, you may be able to offer a valuable commute alternative program by running a shuttle service to the nearest MARTA station. Employees could then use public transportation where it wouldn’t have benefited them before.

Offering Door-to-Door Services

If there isn’t a nearby MARTA station, you could consider an alternative program for commuters that provides door-to-door transportation. This is particularly viable in a high-end mixed-use or residential building. You can offer a shuttle within a small radius around the property. Note that the shuttle will need to be equipped with enough space to accommodate riders’ purchases.

Encouraging Shared Routes

Concerned about the expense of implementing a commute alternative program? You may find that you can pool resources with nearby properties. Be sure to mention the potential tax breaks that are available for both businesses and employees who participate in these programs.

Atlanta Commute Alternative Programs

With a well-organized alternative program for commutes, everyone wins. These programs have been proven to improve quality of life, productivity, and morale for workers. They also can enhance the value of your property to potential tenants and/or residents. Improved commuting options are a win-win proposition for everyone involved.

Interested in learning more about commute alternative programs? National Parking has consulted hundreds of businesses and organizations just like yours. We specialize in designing custom shuttle and transportation options for all applications. Give us a call today at 678-356-4030 or request a proposal online to get started planning a custom commute alternative program today.

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