3 Things to Consider when Managing an Atlanta Parking Facility

If you’re an Atlanta property and/or asset manager, then managing a parking facility is likely part of your job. While property managers oversee and ensure that property assets are running efficiently, asset managers typically play a more complicated role in implementing strategies to enhance cash-flow and asset values.

Either way, your parking facilities maintenance should be at the top of your priority list. Don’t overlook this important piece of the equation. Your parking facility will be the first impression for your tenants and their guests, and it merits the same level of consideration as the front lobby of your building. A parking facility also can and should generate substantial income, and opportunities to do so should not be discounted. As such, here are three major things to consider if you’re responsible for managing an Atlanta parking facility.

Start with a Clean Slate: Basic Parking Lot Cleaning

The cleanliness of your facility speaks volumes about how it’s run. And like it or not, visitors will immediately look to the state of cleanliness when trying to decide if your facility is even safe.

Inspections should be conducted routinely to check for such things as litter, oil or other automobile fluids that have leaked from cars, and unpleasant odors. Trash receptacles should also be emptied and checked regularly. Conducting walk-throughs of your lot every morning is an absolute best practice. Your team also should be checking stairwells and elevators for lights that may need replacing, trash, and any other unfavorable conditions.

If your facility isn’t clean, patrons ultimately will begin to question quality and safety, and this will lead them to seek parking elsewhere. This means that parking facilities maintenance and cleanliness are important not only for reputation and safety purposes, but also because these things affect the bottom line.

Deep-Clean Annually (At Least)

When managing a parking facility, your parking-lot-cleaning regimen should be taken one step further. At least an annual (if not more often) power-washing of the facility should take place. This removes dirt, oil stains and the general day-to-day muck that accompanies regular automotive traffic. These stains build up over time in busy Atlanta urban and suburban areas alike.

If your parking facility isn’t properly maintained, the result can be a very dingy looking lot, even if you’re diligent in initiating daily parking lot cleanings. Steam-cleaning or power-washing sessions should be scheduled during hours that don’t conflict with traffic, or they can be done one section at a time. However you choose to schedule these cleanings — deep-cleaning ensures that your structure’s longevity and the facility’s overall appearance both are optimized.

Don’t Miss the Asset Optimization Boat

Lastly, effective parking facility management practices extend beyond the appearance of a facility. Asset management principles should also be applied in your approach to parking facilities. Any parking lot can generate revenue, and there’s always a way to tap into this resource. This is especially true in Atlanta, where parking is at a premium and personal automobiles are the primary source of transportation for commuters and non-commuters alike.

Furthermore, if your lot is already generating revenue, a good parking facilities maintenance company will be able to assess the current system and offer suggestions to increase profits or reduce costs. Don’t let all that revenue drive away with your patrons when they depart from your premises.

The Final Account

Parking facilities maintenance is a broad topic and encompasses a wide variety of checkpoints, both on deck and behind corporate doors. National Parking is uniquely capable of assisting you in both endeavors. Our team has the experience and the resources to ensure your Atlanta parking facility is run with world-class standards. Call us at 678-356-4030 or request a proposal online today.

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