National Parking Solutions is a full service valet parking and parking management company specializing in high-service parking programs.  In our formation, we chose to approach the parking industry differently than our competition.  Our goal is to provide a highly visible service component while maximizing an asset’s financial performance. We accomplish our service first mission by tailoring our operations to each location, hiring and training great people, and continuously seeking more for each property.


Originally formed in 1978, National Parking was initially devoted exclusively to valet parking services.  While earning a reputation for quality and uncompromised service, we expanded our product offerings.  In developing new service categories, we took a methodical approach by expanding in phases from valet to asset management within surface lots and garages, to mixed use, transportation, and finally, into Class – A facility management.  To ensure a successful transition into vertical markets, we added experienced parking professionals with vast industry knowledge and a proven track record of success.


The National Parking’s Mission is clear:  “to be the premier valet and parking management company while delivering maximum values for every client.”  To achieve this goal, National partners with our clients to develop parking programs specifically for each location in which we serve.  In all of our operations, we seek the occasion to provide superior customer service, create efficient and effective operational plans, and offer financial transparency.


National Parking’s success relies on the people in which we serve.  We understand our ability to deliver world-class service must act as the foundation in every client and customer interaction.  We proactively pursue the occasion to expand our service into parking operations.

Extending Service Beyond Expectations

is the methodology we utilize to empower our employees to serve without compromise.   We instill our service first mind-set through stringent training programs and adhering to our Core Values acronym of S.E.R.V.E:



Servicing our customers and clients is the most important aspect of our job.



Providing enthusiastic and reliable employees enhances our service successes.



Acting in a manner that goes above and beyond creates a winning formula for those we serve.


Value added

Offering a partnership approach to our clients increases service levels and financial performance.


Effective management

Putting the “right” people in the “right” positions to actively manage all of our service opportunities.