Although situated in the heart of the South, Atlanta boasts one of the most culturally diverse populations in the nation. So it should come as no surprise that everyday patrons travel from far and wide to enjoy meals at Rathbun’s, Wisteria, The Optimist, Atlas, Bones, or any of Atlanta’s other fine dining establishments.

Of course, if your guests get stressed in the parking lot, they’ll likely walk inside feeling much the same. All of which could spell lower guest checks and less money for your dining establishment. One way to prevent this is to have National Parking be your restaurant’s valet parking provider.

We help busy restaurants with limited parking to maximize their spaces and have done so for over 20 years. We aim to offer a service that fits so perfectly with what you do that your customers see it as an extension of your restaurant.

Why Atlanta Restaurants Should Choose Us as a Valet Service Provider

We train our valet staff to greet every customer with courtesy and professionalism knowing that your customers’ dining experience begins before they even set foot in your establishment.

Here are a few more benefits of contracting with National Parking for valet parking:

  • Optimize Table Rotation – A valet service allows your customers to head directly into the restaurant. Hence, in the five or ten minutes they might have spent circling the lot, they will have already received drinks and appetizers, resulting in quicker table turns.
  • Heighten Prestige – Let’s face it; we live in an age where perception is reality. When your guests tell family and friends how you rolled out the red carpet for them, the next time their acquaintances plan a night out–guess where they’re headed!
  • Keeps Customer Vehicles Safe and Secure – When customers leave their cars with the parking attendant knowing they have nothing to worry about, this frees them up to focus solely on the meal in front of them.

While it’s true that guests like to see a busy restaurant, it goes without saying that an orderly parking lot is much more inviting to guests than one with no remaining spots. These are just a few of the advantages you can expect National Parking to deliver as your valet parking company.

Atlanta Restaurant, Bar, and Eatery Valet Services

Our staff is here to take on the challenge of managing your customers’ entry and departure. Each of our services was designed to help you run a successful restaurant. Our service offerings are as follows.

  • Uniformed Valet Attendants – Get your customers the service they deserve with our uniformed valet attendant service. The service places attendants on hand to safely park customer vehicles while your guests go on to enjoy a delightful dining experience.
  • Greeters – For those instances when the valet attendant service isn’t enough, we also offer a greeter option. Not only do they greet your guests with warm welcomes but they also ease the flow of customers in and out of your dining room lobby.
  • Extra On-Call Attendants – In addition to onsite attendants, we can provide on-call personnel to ensure unpleasant surprises never arise.
  • Attendant-Assist Parking – For guests that prefer to park their own vehicles, we offer attendant-assisted parking attendants to guide your customers in and out of parking spaces.

Our services don’t end here; we also offer custom consultation services as well.

Want to make lasting impressions with your guests? Let National Parking be your restaurant valet!

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