Atlanta is in the midst of a decade-long industrial and commercial real estate boom. The city’s growth has been exceptionally robust when it comes to commercial and mixed-use buildings.

One of the most significant challenges of owning or running these types of properties is parking management. There’s a lot that goes into managing your surface lot, Class A building, or parking garage. If you’re an owner-operator with two or three properties, the challenges of running your parking operations are even higher than those of an organization that owns 30 garages.

For example, managing parking structures means you must:

  • Regularly clean the garage
  • Remove snow and ice buildup
  • Pressure wash chemical stains
  • Change and maintain lighting
  • Clean and maintain storm drains
  • Repair broken or damaged equipment
  • Revenue tracking and management
  • Perform internal audits
  • and more!

These are all tasks we train our employees to perform for Class A Buildings, surface lots, and parking garages. Furthermore, we are professionals in parking garage management, so you can expect us to provide our own cones, lighting equipment, radios, signage, wands, etc.

Services We Provide to Surface Lots, Class A Buildings, and Parking Garages

We service all types of properties from small to mid-sized surface lots to multi-floor garages and large-scale parking facilities. Our staff provides multiple levels of parking services such as self-parking, parking attendants, traffic control, revenue audits, etc. Likewise, we offer numerous options to help building operators and owners achieve maximum ROI in their parking structures.

Our offerings include full-service monthly management, limited monthly management, renting, consulting, etc. Alternatively, we also offer other options such as revenue and profit sharing.

Why National Parking

Over the years we’ve developed a culture that revolves around four core business values. Each value helps us serve you better. They are as follows:

  • Deliver quality service day-in and day-out
  • Operate with transparency and loyalty
  • Respect our employees and customers
  • Strive towards continuous improvement

When you choose to partner with National Parking for your parking management needs, you not only get decades of experience, but you also receive our proven recruiting system. Our time-tested formula for attracting and maintaining professional talent helps you boost customer satisfaction while cutting unnecessary costs.

Our Service Philosophy

National Parking’s number one goal in servicing surface lots, class-a commercial buildings, and parking garages is to improve traffic flow while maximizing revenue for your organization. We’re able to do this through consistent dedication and hard work in our service offerings. We aim to maximize your income and reduce client costs while offering best in class parking services.

We believe in complete transparency while managing garages, which means providing real and verifiable revenue, along with supporting paperwork.

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