According to a recent study conducted by WalletHub, out of 180 US cities, Atlanta ranks as the 3rd third best place to host a wedding. Given massive growth, the US wedding industry has experienced – surpassing $70B in 2016 – the future looks bright for wedding planners.

However, even amidst explosive growth, it’s still a highly competitive field, and a single misstep can send potential clients to the competition. As a top-flight wedding professional, you’ve sacrificed too much to let parking issues slow you down. So, don’t leave your valet operations to chance, partner with National Parking instead.

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Valet Service

Partnering with a wedding valet service like National Parking relieves you of any hassles that take place outside of the chapel. Doing so frees up wedding planners to focus 100% of their attention on everything inside the wedding reception area.

Other benefits include:

  • Promotes optimal traffic flow
  • Improves overall ambiance
  • Maximizes parking capacity
  • Saves time upon entry and exit

The bottom line is that as your guests’ first and last point of contact, a valet service allows you to make lasting impressions.

A Full Suite of Wedding Valet Services

Since our goal is to help wedding planners and coordinators achieve the perfect wedding event, all of our services are designed to compliment your team. Here are some of our offerings.

  • Valet Attendants – Not only do we train our valet attendants to provide flow and structure at your event, but we coach them to become wedding parking experts. Hence, they deliver five-star service to every guest.
  • Parking and Traffic Management – Our team can help improve overall traffic flow. Doing so entails setting arrival and departure times, as well as assigning designated parking areas.
  • Greeters – We can provide wedding greeters to ensure all guests are properly greeted with heartfelt welcomes and farewells.
  • Coat Check Personnel – Allowing guests to check umbrellas, jackets, etc. can significantly improve guest satisfaction. In addition to providing valet attendants, we can offer coat check facilities as well.
  • Vehicle Monitoring – Our staff will also monitor any parked vehicles on the premises to ensure no harm comes to your guests’ personal belongings during this special time.

Additionally, we can customize a plan to suit your clients’ wedding program. Whether you choose a custom or standard solution, our goal is to maximize guest satisfaction.

What to Look for in a Valet Service Provider

There’s much to consider when hiring a wedding valet service vendor. However, here are three of the most important qualifications.

  • Experienced –  Given recent industry growth, it should come as no surprise the wedding valet field attracts its fair share of disreputable operations who engage in questionable practices. National Parking has been in business since 1978 and can furnish references upon request.
  • Insured and Bonded – Hiring a valet provider who is unlicensed and uninsured, can put you on the hook if anything goes wrong. National Parking is licensed, bonded, and insured and can provide proof.
  • Prepared and Professional – Valet attendants act as your welcome committee, so it helps to find a group that acts in this manner. Our staff is trained to take your event as seriously as you and your clients do.

While the right valet service can significantly improve your event, an inexperienced team can dampen the entire day.

Don’t put your hard work at risk, hire the wedding valet professionals at National Parking. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your next wedding event a success.